Post results

Post Results Services

All post results services are only available via the examining centre – awarding bodies never enter negotiation with candidates or parents.

The awarding bodies offer the following post results services:

Review of Marking (Re-mark)

This includes a review of the marks awarded by the original marker to ensure that the mark scheme has been applied correctly.

For post-result reviews of marking the candidate’s consent are required because the mark might go up, remain the same or go down and the candidate’s grade could be affected.

Re-marking (Takes up to 21 days and is £70 per paper)


Access to Scripts

Candidates will be able to request access to a photocopy of their scripts prior to deciding whether to lodge an enquiry about results. Copies of scripts, which have been subject to an enquiry, may be requested along with the outcome of the enquiry. Original scripts may also be requested but will not be provided until after the enquiry has been completed.

Access to Scripts (£25 per paper)



All post-results enquiries carry a fee; the awarding bodies set fees. If grades are amended as a result of an enquiry the exam board fee will not be charged; the examination centre fees will still apply.